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SNS - Smack, Nuke, & Smish em
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Welcome to the home of:
SNS - Smack, Nuke, & Smish em  

SNS is a regular Friday night and Sunday afternoon raid hosted by Friends Laughing that is open to our friends and allies in the alliance Friends Uniting Norrath (FUN). 

Access to this website is limited to SNS raiders.

The basic idea behind SNS is simple:

Great raiding can also be great fun!

Primary Raid Lead Team: 
  • Elintou/Weiddil (Tanks)
  • Atropol (Loot)
  • Kzinra (Raid Discipline and Loot)
  • Dragonrose (Pullers and Plow Lead)
  • Maerrwinea (Clerics and Bar-cart tips always welcome!!!)
  • Dharszolin/Atropol/Donbayne (MA)
  • Voxfire (Wusses)
Loot and Rewards:
  • Loot is by DKP -- details in the member forums
  • SNS is frequently oversubscribed and people have to sitout the raid. 
  • Potential sitouts  must be at the meeting spot, and wait until the raid forms to see how many we can handle.  The RL will hand-pick sitouts based primarily on raid needs and past attendance.
  • Please remember that handling piggies and overbooking is an imperfect process trying to remember details about nearly 400 past SNS raiders and alts!!!!! No matter how fair and complete I try to be, I can assure you that a mistake could be made and someone bumped will be rightfully frustrated.

Another fabled threefer!!

Voxfire, Apr 19, 09 11:08 AM.

Three fabled in one night is becoming a habit!

The SNS raiders showed amazing heart and stamina when taking down the fabled TZ last night.  That win has to rate up there in the top handful of SNS wins going back three years and 150+ raids!  Everyone OOM at the end, the rangers saving our butts with their dependable ranged DPS, and the healers using every thrick they knew -- from Steadfast servants to twitching to pots to whatever they could dream up to keep us all alive!

Then it was on the AD --- yoyo raiding!!!  A'D was cake compared to TZ, though it was a hoot watching everyone get feared, "run away! run away!" and run back to reengage!

Finally to SolRo and a quick mini before calling it!

Well SNS -- looks like all the new raiders are getting integrated and are ready to go :-)

An incredible Grenwald kill on just our second attempt ... then OMGoodness

Voxfire, Feb 23, 09 11:48 AM.

OMGoodness!  Talk about the mother of all RL blunders … I totally forgot about the time limit on the FC event!  We needed just 3-4 more minutes to win (The last mob, Hearol was at 15%) when we got booted from the zone.  I apologize to everyone who raided their hearts out!  The long delay in the middle of the raid was a horrible mistake.  Sitting there waiting to swap in people was something a RL experienced with this event would never have done.


One good thing comes of it.  Several in the lead team have always said I was too slow and conservative in plows.  Well, last night they proved absolutely right … that is something I will improve.


And other than that – it was another incredible raid for the SNSers!  Killing Grenwald easily on just our second pass, Dragonrose’s amazing run, 61 people swapping in and out, all the great new people, the last adrenaline rush to plow to Hearol and kill him with just 15 minutes left, rushing into the Hearol battle with briefing on the fly, and getting him to 15%!


The highlight of the evening was clearly Dragonrose’s amazing kiting job on the three minis!  Ttier tells me she was laughing so hard at what we were saying about her in raid chat that she almost got caught a couple times!  But she saved that event for us.  She kited them so long after my learning mistake on the initial strategy wiped us, that we had time to rezz, med, change strategy, and coast!

Btw -- it is hard to see in this photo -- but there are three named chasing Dragoonie!!


This was the view just before we got booted:

Grenwald himself was anticlimactic after that!



Brothers and Shadows were easy again and dropped some nice augs that help!


Rottrued Falls!

Voxfire, Feb 14, 09 6:10 AM.


You guys did it AGAIN!!!  /bow


On just our third evening taking on an SoD raid mob, Rottrued falls!  And gratz Garglador for the first-ever SNS +1150 drop!!!  Good grief that weapon is amazing!  Funniest comment of the evening from FL Guild chat -- Bobfunky when he got back late and saw that weapon linked .... "That does it, I am getting a divorce.  I will never again miss an SNS for dinner with my wife!"  :-)


Congratulations to an awesome performance last night by every single member of the SNS overachievers.  No raid event that I have ever been on so demands the skills and precise teamwork of all 54 in the raid than Ascension.  There is no hiding in the back on this one!   And 54 of you came through with the best win ever for SNS!



When 54 people combine for a win, I can’t even single out anyone.  It took all 54!  But rather than someone, I will point out something – the spirit of SNS showed a ton last night!.  The spirit of fun throughout the raid … the spirit of adventure being willing to take on and try an event that is supposed to be way over our head … the spirit of teamwork in the lead channel as we worked out ideas.  I have to quote something one raider posted in the FL forums that sums it up beautifully: “….. but what this (raid) has shown me is having heart and determination is a heck of a lot better in defeating mobs than gear is.”


Sunday who knows!  Methinks we might try two new strats we have worked out for two tough mobs that, so far, have eluded us.  Be there prepared to laugh, and win!

SNS hits tier 14 – you are now the 5th ranked raidforce on Stromm!

Voxfire, Feb 3, 09 10:15 AM.

Holy poop!!

I never pay much attention to such things but Archembeau sent me an email pointing out that SNS has now hit Tier 14 on the EQStromm raid listings after our win against Mining Behemoth last week!  Only FH, HE, IL and EK (all full-time raid guilds!) have higher rankings!  The next closest to SNS are two raidforces a couple tiers behind!

That is an amazing testimony to a “casual” raidforce that only raided once per week until a couple weeks ago!  And based on the stride we are now hitting, we will be moving up further soon!

I have submitted our name to EQStromm and will start posting our tier wins.  It will be kind of fun seeing you all listed in their home page top five!

Three new FC Mobs down easily on our first try

Voxfire, Feb 2, 09 6:39 AM.

Frostcrypt turned out to be an easy, fast run for the SNS raiders with Elin leading the way, but it really is a fun event well worth visiting occasionally to farm for augs.  The three events went so fast that many wished to try more of them!   Just 6-8 deaths total as SNS swept through T1 and took down the Three Brothers, Hearol, and Shades events.  It was a hoot!  Only a handful in the raid had ever been there before, but even learning the events as we went it was smooth!

Turnout was very light --- just 40 with competition from the superbowl --- but that did not stop us!  Elintou led us in, set up the clears, and the three brothers were history in about 5 minutes. 

Next it was Hearol.  That event is a blast!  Warping all over the place and kicking down icewalls while handling adds and named!  The healers were simply amazing!  Other than a wizzy sacrifice (thank goodness it was only Laniny and not an important player, like a mage!) no deaths.

Finally – it was the shades.  Just setting up in a room with 40+ potential adds standing there is scary! 

But in the end, another smooth kill with Dharszolin and the add team totally owning the adds while we pounded the Lorekeeper.

BMK2 -- Almost Flawless romp!

Voxfire, Jan 31, 09 8:04 AM.

Our first visit to BMK2 -- Crazok Moonfang.  I expected a learning wipe since we were taking on this raid after they patched the exploit that made it far easier before last week.  Yet with one exception it was nearly a death-free romp!! 

(And -- more about this at the end -- it was yet another wonderful example of why SNSers are so great to raid with.  I am more proud than you can imagine at how you all handled that one horrible player mistake in the middle of the raid!)

Balvik and Malkazor went down smoothly.  With your great execution of the strat Balvik was rendered almost harmless while the heavy hitters took down his ugly older brother.  I believe we had just one death (on the initial pull) for these two.

Finally, the new strat we tried allowed us easy single pulls of the four named to kill them at our leisure.  We had only 3-4 deaths combined for Grendol, Korvak, Harlos and Crazok himself.  Gratz!!

But the high point of the evening for me was the class and style of every single SNS raider last night when we wiped.  What stunned me was all that was not said.  A caster who is a new raider made a horrible goof in the middle of worgs and managed to aggro the 4 named to us.  Only the great response to the call to "camp clerics" saved us.  (Four clerics instantly camped!!!) 

But the first thing was amazing is that the player had the honesty (and trust in a raid environment) to PST me so the leaders could understand what went wrong -- until that PST we were looking at whether there was a flaw in the new strat.  And second -- there was NOT ONE complaint in chat or lead about the error! 

You guys could have chosen to be angry raiders when I announced what had happened (without the name, of course) ... but no one did.  No one in the raid or lead team even asked me who it was!  You remembered your own mistakes past, were incredibly gracious, dusted yourselves off, and went back and OWNED the rest of the event.

And a player who could have been humiliated and stopped raiding learned and will be back ... and he will be a much better raider because of how you all handled that mess!

Thank you SNS ... what sets you apart from any raidforce I have ever had the joy to raid with is not your high skills, your great execution or your tight raid discipline ... it is your class!

Mining Behemoth DOWN on our first attempt while Spindlecrank laughs at our expense!

Voxfire, Jan 26, 09 1:08 PM.

WOOT!!  You all were patient and gracious as the idiot RL tried to figure out two new raids we had never seen … and the results were amazing! 



All of you executed the strat on Mining Behemoth flawlessly – I was amazed to see him go down on the first try!  The experiment with the pallies and chanty worked wonderfully – they did a great job.  And as usual, the MTs and healers were immense.


Flush from a surprise first try win on MB, we strode confidently into Spindlecrank’s lair.  The wuss RL didn’t even know where the levers and elevators were so we needed an extra 20 mins for the FDers to search and find things.  We finally figured things out, set our brilliant strategy, and engaged.  With our valiant Rexul fighting pneumonia, the rest of the team waded in … and promptly died!



It is very embarrassing when you hear a Spindlecrank OOC that “SNS rotting in Steam Factory --- PST if interested.”  Try number two went a little better, but overall it was every bit the learning wipe we all expected.  The good news is we learned a great deal!


One of the best things about SNS raiders is they would rather wipe trying a stretch raid than raid easy content from old expansions!  I think that is why we probably were the first non-raid guild raidforce to beat BMK (and that was back when we had L70-80 raiders!) and the first non-raid guild raidforce to beat Wirlem and Mining Behemoth.  In the next few weeks we will be beating even bigger and better targets!


Stay tuned – and PLEASE complete your Solteris and MMM flagging missions!  (See the member forums – announcements.)

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